4 Amazing benefits of afternoon naps

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You must have heard people saying that afternoon naps are bad for you. But the stigma against naps has started to fade. It’s completely right to feel sleepy from time to time and taking off few minutes to sleep during the day does more to our body than just a quick energy boost. Many experts commend a nap of 10-10 minutes and any longer that can lead to “sleep inertia”, a deep stupor which is hard to snap out of. So here are 4 amazing benefits of taking a brief afternoon snooze:

1-  Memory booster

Recent studies have proved that napping enhances the learning process and the retention of information. Sleep is linked with cognitive process, so if you manage to sneak a nap for 30 minutes, you’ll find that your mental fatigue has fizzled out upon waking. Some studies have also shown that brain activity remains higher in people who take a daily nap compared to people who don’t take rest in the day time.

2- Stress annihilator

Having a stressful day? Shut off everything and take a brief siesta. Upon waking, you’ll discover your self in a whole new calm and serene world. The National Sleep Foundation suggests considering nap as a ‘mini vacation’. That’s the luxury of a nap, it relieves you of all the accumulated stress.

3- Health enhancer:

Napping is a very efficient way to fill all the voids that sleep deprivation causes in our body. Sleep deprivation leads to an excess of the stress hormone, Cortisol which weakens the immune and muscular system and alleviates the levels of growth hormone and testosterones in our body. All this confusion in the body, eventually, lead to diabetes and heart disease. When you nap, your body resets itself and heals it thoroughly.

4- Creative amplifier:

Have you ever woke up with the solution of the long creative block? Studies show that naps allows the sleeper to enter Rapid Eye Movement (REM) leading to the betterment of the creative power.

So, dig out what you are doing and take a power nap! Happy napping!

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