Healthy Sleeping Habits

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Did you know that your behaviour as a paramount impact on your sleep? Did you know that your actions throughout the day contribute to your sleep at night? Your daily routine, what you eat, drink, how you schedule your activity and your daily lifestyle greatly impact the quality of your sleep. The following tips would help you have a better sleep and leave you emotionally and mentally strong with a dose of energy for the next day:

1- Follow your body’s regular tempo:

It’s the most important thing, getting in sync with the natural rhythm of your body is what makes for a serene sleep. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule will not only provide a quality sleep but would also boost your health. Try going to sleep at same time every night as it will set your body’s internal clock and will optimise the quality of your sleep. Also, avoid sleeping in on weekends. However tempting it may be, extra sleep can disrupt the whole sleeping schedule and your natural sleep-wake cadence. If you find yourself feeling sluggish way before bedtime, get off the couch and engage in some activity.

2- Regular exercise and healthy eating:

Several studies have shown that exercising regularly can make you feel less sleepy during the day. Exercising is the best remedy for someone suffering from insomnia. Even a light walk before sleeping can help increase the sleep quality. So, remember, exercise regularly and refrain from eating unhealthy food and caffeine before bedtime.

3- Control light exposure:

The naturally occurring hormone, Melatonin which is regulated by the exposure of light regulates your sleep-wake cycle. When it’s dark, melatonin gets secreted more, thus, making you sleepy. Expose yourself to bright light in the morning and at night, avoid bright screen within 2 hours form sleeping. Abstain from watching Tv till late at night and sleep with all the lights off. Listen to slow music for a soothing and tranquil sleep.

So, whenever you are in bed grappling with the idea of sleep, take a deep breath, dispose off all the stress and have a happy sleep!

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