It’s Time for Some Beauty Sleep

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When was the last time you woke up feeling fresh and happy? The truth is that for most of us, this is an alien concept except if you are a Bollywood star who usually wakes up in some larger than life YRF or Karan Johar Movie set. That honestly is not happening to any of us.

As a part of this rat race we are left with nothing but a super tired skin, stress, piles of files and nothing to be happy about. So what to do? The answer is put all your issues to a good night’s sleep.  Yes, we aren’t kidding. Sleeping has a lot of benefits and we are sharing some of them:

1- Adequate sleep strengthens our immunity to fight against various diseases. Whereas, lack of sleep leads to obesity, heart attack and various other health issues. Though the exact time or duration of sleep is still a debatable question but on an average, seven to nine hours of sleep makes you stress free and healthy.


2- Our body produces the maximum growth hormones while we are asleep which helps in erasing those fine lines, dark circles and repairing tissues. Thus, making us look attractive and younger.


3- Being cranky and irritated isn’t always PMS. At times, getting less sleep does that too. On the other hand, proper sleep brings out the creative, happier and energetic you.


4- It might seem surprising but sound sleep actually helps in making one fit and maintaining  the weight as well .


5- Contrary to our perception that our mind stops working after we sleep, it actually isn’t. While we enjoy sleeping, our brain is quite busy going through different events, feelings, creating connections and improving our memory.


6- Sleeping less makes one more anxious and could also lead to depression. Proper sleep keeps a tab on your mood and emotions.  


Now that we know sleeping has so many benefits, let’s just turn off the lights, remove the alarm and enjoy the heavenly feeling called” Sleep”.

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