No More Skipping Breakfast

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The most important meal of the day, Breakfast, is most often the most ignored meal. To catch early morning class or an important meeting, our mornings become so frenzied that we often struggle to gulp few bites of food down our throats.


However, we never acknowledge the perils of skipping breakfast. Not only does your brain work slow, but also, your body clings to the saved calories, unsure of when it will see the next meal, thus, making you feel extremely weary and debilitated. Also, missing the ‘holy grail’, breakfast, would make you crave more sugar and calories and you would end up binging on a lot of food and not to forget, desserts.


So, how about hold on for few minutes and have a healthy breakfast before rushing out for the day. Not only will it make you more productive but would also energize you instantly.

Here are few instant healthy breakfast recipes that would not consume much of your time and would keep you boosted till your next meal:


1- Mushroom and egg white omelette: All you need is egg, green onion, sliced mushroom and cheese and you’re ready to face the day.


Everyday Food - Give mum the day off - Fluffy Cheese & Mushroom Omelette


Get the recipe here


2- Smoky beans on toasts: Easy and tasty, this superfood is going to stay in your list forever.



Get the recipe here


3- Greek Yogurt Pancake: We swear by this pancake and also, it’s enriched with proteins. Do we need say more?



Get the recipe here


4- Healthy Muffin: Sugar cravings? Muffin to worry about! Also, it’s HEALTHY!




Get the recipe here


No more of skipping breakfast.

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