Reasons why you yawn (So much)

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Do you often find yourself yawning, amidst important meetings or while having a conversation with someone?  Though, constant yawning is embarrassing and relays a sign of disinterest to the other person which can affect your personal and professional life. Although, yawning is considered as a natural response to tiredness, however extreme yawning is a subtle gesture that your body is giving about the underlying conditions.


Wondering what it is which causes excessive yawning?


1- Fatigue: have you ever been diagnosed with anemia (iron deficiency in blood)? If yes, then one of the undiagnosed sign of anemia is fatigue which causes excessive yawning throughout the day. It’s time to ward off fatigue. Add plenty of iron rich food in your diet and tread towards a healthier lifestyle.


2- Vasovagal Reaction: Conjecturing what this term means? One of the causes of excessive yawning,  Vasovagal reaction is a disorder that causes a rapid drop in heart rate and blood pressure, ensuing blood flow to legs instead of head. This leads to oxygen deprivation, thus causing excessive yawning.


3- Sleep disorder: 1 out of every 4 people suffer from sleep disorder. Being bereft of sleep leads to excessive yawning, which is your brain’s signal that your body needs rest. Ensure a healthy lifestyle and maintain a regular sleep pattern to stave off the sleep disorders.


4- Thyroid: A sluggish thyroid can lead to extreme tiredness because it slows down your metabolism. If you find yourself yawning excessively, it’s time to consult your doctor. Get a simple blood test to know if your thyroid is functioning normally.  


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