Sleep tight and lose weight!

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Gym? Steroids? What is the best way to get rid of those extra pounds?  We’re sure many of you would vouch for rigorous exercise, steroids and dietary supplements. However, we’re about to shatter this belief of your! Studies say that the real weight loss journey begins in your bedroom? Surprised?

Also, to attest to this statement, a recent study has shown that proper sleep could augment weight loss by as much as 55 percent! Amazing, isn’t it?

Don’t expect a miracle that would lead up to your desired weight goal. But sleep can definitely help you reach that anticipated weight. Here’s how by a few simple tweaks to your night routine you can attain substantial weight loss success:

1- Munch up on carbs:

If weight loss is your goal, then eating carbs at night, as contrary to the myth, is a good idea. Studies have manifested that it makes more sense to have majority of calorie at dinner. Carbs trigger serotonin release making you feel content and promotes sleep, and also elevates the functioning of fat burning hormones. So, save light meals for the day time and eat like a king at night.  


2- Set strict sleep hours:  

It’s time to acknowledge the paramount importance that sleep holds in our lives. Maintain a proper sleep routine and follow it religiously. Sleeping for seven to eight hours is not only beneficial for weight loss as your appetite remains controlled, but also boosts memory and immunity.  


3- Let there be cold:

Did you know cold air can help you reduce that belly pooch? Colder temperature augments the efficacy of your stored body fat. When you sleep in a colder temperature, your body fats work hard to bring your body to optimal temperature, thus burning themselves.  


4- Turn off the lights:

Light not only hinders a good night’s sleep but a study has also shown that people who sleep in light are more likely to gain more weight. So, turn off those light and have a peaceful and sound sleep in dark.


3- Shake it up with protein shake:

Stock up your refrigerator with protein shake. Not only will you have higher energy level when you wake up the next morning, but protein shake will also repair muscles overnight. The more the muscle mass, voila! the more fat you burn.

Roger these steps and lose weight faster!


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