The power of power naps!

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                                                                      To nap or not to nap?

The urge to sleep after a hearty meal in the afternoon is real and we bet, most of us try to resist the temptation because are apprehensive of being called lazy. Also, conflicting the long held belief that nap would interfere with your night sleep and that afternoon nap could lead to several health hazards.

The smirch associated with nap has started to fade out. But the question still remains whether taking nap in afternoon is beneficial or not? Experts have recommended that napping for 20-30 minutes and not more than that, is rewarding for the body. Also, many notable figures in history have vouched for the amazing benefits of afternoon nap.


Here are some of the benefits of afternoon power nap:

1- Boosts Performance and alertness: Researchers have found that people who take 20-30 minutes nap manifests increased cognition functioning upto 40%. Fatigue and exhaustion impairs your performance and alertness, thus making you vulnerable to accidents or mishaps. So, it’s better to snooze for a while than bearing the consequences of errors happened because of lack of focus.


2- Lowers blood pressure and stress: Midday naps could help curtail blood pressure and can also stave off heart diseases. Even on stressful days, a brief siesta could bring out a new and serene you. Maintain a regular eye shut routine and guzzle the benefits of nap.


3- Any day better than coffee and prevents you from devouring on large amount of food: What’s the instant way to ward off sleep? Many people would vouch for coffee. However, let’s just acknowledge it. Coffee can impair performance and could also make you turn and toss in bed during night. Additionally, the less you sleep, the more you’ll pig out on food, piling up pounds to your body. Take a nap and stay fit.


So, get comfortable, shut your eyes and experience a refreshing stress free day ahead.

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