Tips & Tricks Around Your Mattress

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Interestingly enough, we spend over one-third of our lives sleeping! So, needless to say, it’s very important to invest in a good mattress. Also, if you reckon the time you spend on the mattress, you’ll realise the amount of guck hanging out in and  around the mattress.

So, have you ever wondered how you can keep your mattress clean and increase its life span? Well, it’s easy.

Here are some of the ways to tackle the task of keeping your mattress clean and trust us, it’s not at all time consuming:

Rotate Your Mattress: –

Unless the manufacturer otherwise advises, rotate the mattress from head to toe as the season changes. Rotating mattress helps prevent the formation of sleeping “wallows”, caused by the same body in the same stop every night.

The Flip Side: –

Mattresses needs to be flipped with the flipping season. While some mattresses should not be flipped due to their construction, other mattresses wear more evenly when the bottom surface nearest to the box spring is flipped over to the top of the bed.

Bouncing… A Strict NO: –

Kids love bouncing on the bed, but the poor mattress loathes the practice. Jumping on the beds can damage the mattress, distort the box springs and fracture the bed frames. So if you want to save your mattress, discourage those child gymnasts.

Use Protection: –

Protect your mattress from the messy mishaps with mattress pads. They absorb moisture and spills before it soaks through the mattress.

Work Those Stains: –

Even after taking all the precautions if a stain occurs, use an upholstery shampoo to remove it. An alternate cleaner is “dry suds”. Whatever you apply, make sure not to wet the padding beneath.

Leave the mattress exposed until it is thoroughly dry before replacing the bedding.

Vacuum Magic: –

Regular vacuuming keeps mattresses clean 7 fresh. Use the upholstery brush to vacuum the top surface and sides of the mattress. It removes dust, skin flakes and the dust mites that feed upon body waste.

We vouch by these tips. Follow them and say ‘hello’ to a long lasting mattress.