Ways to start your day without coffee

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We all are acquainted with the feeling of waking up all groggy and dazed after insufficient or poor sleep, only to plunge into a day full of important assignments and responsibilities. It’s natural to count a cup of coffee as your saviour.

Why should avoid coffee?

While caffeine can vitalise you up immediately, it stays in your body for hours. Also, caffeine is a potential culprit in various sleep problems. Various studies have proved that too much of caffeine consumption leads to anxiety, headache, irritability, nervousness and rapid heartbeat. While the aroma of coffee may captivate your senses, but it’s a dark truth that over consumption of coffee can lead to chronic dehydration, fatigue and even heart arrhythmia in some cases.

Picture credits: cargocollective.com

Picture credits: cargocollective.com

How about renouncing your delicious cup of coffee or tea in the morning and trying something else which can invigorate your sleepy mornings? Check out some of the ways to energise your muzzy mornings:

1-  Try some stretching:

Yoga is the best way for a jolt of energy after a slumpy night. It turns out that in addition to improving sleep quality and relieving stress, yoga can also be an excellent energy booster. Asanas such as Sun Salutation or Virabhadrasana can unblock the energy stuck on the spine and awaken the nervous system, thus brining new life into the body. 

2- Hydrate yourself:

Proper hydration is a key to get out of the dizzy feeling. Drink at least eight ounces of water after you wake up. If plain water is not your thing, try squeezing a lemon and add ice and you are good to go.

3- Exercise:

Early morning and fresh breeze, what better to ask for? Put on your running shoes and go for a short run or jog. Not only does it make you energetic all the day long, but it also de-stress you and improve your mood.

4- Turn on the music:

Listening to good music in the morning can help motivate you further for the day. Make you  morning playlist in your device and feel happy throughout the day.

5- Munch on an apple:

You must have heard, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”. Taking a bit of apple can jolt your body instantly. Fruits such as banana and orange can also energise you.

Follow these five steps and welcome happy mornings everyday. The ‘caffeine free’ journey can be a bumpy one initially, but stay focussed.

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